Bringing blockchain into the physical world.

Introducing Elk - the development board for building hardware projects that interface with blockchain.

Introducing Elk - the development board for building hardware projects that interact with blockchain

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Elk lets you build
the devices of tomorrow

Build devices that
respect your privacy.

Elk makes it trivial to build serverless devices that actually respect your privacy, thanks to Ethereum’s Whisper protocol.

Build a decentralized home automation system: a decentralized door lock, or decentralized lights, or even a decentralized thermostat.

Controlling a lightbulb remotely with no servers using the Elk app and Ethereum's Whisper protocol

"Proof of Workout": A crypto punching bag that motivates you to do your workouts

Build devices that
motivate you.

Elk helps you build devices that motivate you to do your workouts, wake up early, or water your plants. The possibilities are truly endless.

Build devices that
accept crypto payments.

With only a few lines of code, program devices that accept crypto currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and ERC-20 tokens. Execute smart contracts, listen to events on the blockchain, and more!

A coffee machine that brews you coffee in exchange for DAI (or other ERC­20 tokens)

even more examples...

An electric socket that rents out electricity in exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum

A basketball hoop that accepts bets in Ethereum, Bitcoin, or IOTA

A hand grip that you deposit crypto into and get back only after a certain number of grips

What is Elk?

Elk is a hardware development board for the blockchain. With only a few lines of code you can build devices that interface with Ethereum, Bitcoin, IPFS, and more!

Elk includes a powerful processor to connect directly to blockchain networks with no intermediaries. It is plug-and-play just like an Arduino, offers over-the-air upgrades, and includes a mobile app that allows you to communicate with your hardware privately through decentralized technologies.

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What's the magic behind Elk?

A 10x Better Experience

Elk offers a plug-and-play experience, just like an Arduino. You won’t need to deal with wallet and keys management, fuss over setting up nodes, tune their parameters to run well on an embedded device, handle crashes, etc.

Elk App Screenshot

The Elk Protocol & App

We extended Ethereum’s Whisper protocol and built the Elk mobile app, an app that makes it trivial for you to interact with your hardware remotely and privately via Whisper through any mobile device.

Blockchain Agnostic

While our SDK ships with Ethereum and Bitcoin support, Elk is designed from the ground up to be blockchain agnostic and support for more platforms will continually be added by us and the community.

True Decentralization

True Decentralization

By default and when possible, Elk runs a light node and communicates directly with blockchain networks and not through a hosted service. Elk pushes decentralization all the way to the edge!

100% Open Source

Our hardware and SDK will both be 100% open source. Hack away!

Breadboard Compatible

Easily connect Elk with your sensors and actuators using your breadboard.

Interact with your hardware privately and remotely with the Elk app

We extended Ethereum’s Whisper protocol and built the Elk mobile app, an app that makes it trivial for you to interact with your hardware remotely and privately via Whisper through any mobile device.

Here’s all the code you need to be able to control a lightbulb remotely using our development board and the Elk app:

bool bulbState = false;
void setup() {
pinMode(A0, OUTPUT);
Elk.expose("Toggle", &toggle);
void toggle() {
digitalWrite(A0, !bulbState);
bulbState = !bulbState;

Technical Specs

We've been going through multiple prototypes and here are the specs of our final prototype.

  • Dual inline breadboard compatible hardware board (55mm x 25.5mm)
  • Quad Core 1Ghz Linux SoC (H3 from Allwinner) with 512MB of RAM
  • 8GB mass storage eMMC persistant storage
  • 100Mhz 32-bit microcontroller (STM32f411 from STM)
  • 2.4Ghz WiFi module with an integrated antenna
  • 2 push-buttons
  • Exposed IOs (all are 3.3V but 5V tolerant):
    • 28 Digital
    • 10 Analog
    • 2 UART
    • 3 I2C
    • 3 SPI
    • 21 PWM

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you only support Ethereum and Bitcoin?

    No, Elk is meant to be a development board for multiple decentralized technologies. Elk initially ships with support for Ethereum, Whisper, IPFS, and Status. Support for additional blockchain technologies will continually be added.

    Also, our board is 100% open-source and we welcome contributions from the community to support more technologies.

  • Do I need to own crypto to use Elk?

    No! When building out projects that integrate with payments, you can always use test networks to test and use your prototypes.

    Additionally, some protocols that we support, like Whisper and our Elk app, don't rely on crypto payments at all and you can use them without ever owning crypto.

  • When can I buy Elk?

    We will be launching our Kickstarter campaign in July 2019. Sign up on this page to stay tuned with updates and to get your early bird discount.

  • Is this an ICO?


  • How secure is the board?

    Elk doesn't have any form of hardware security and shouldn't at any point in time be used to hold significant amounts of (real) crypto assets. Our current focus with Elk is to provide a 10x better development experience, which we think is quite lacking in the blockchain space today.

    Developing hardware comes at a big cost. We imagine that the vast majority of projects involving this iteration of our development board will be for exploring, prototyping, and for personal consumption. In these cases, an affordable board that offers a 10x better development experience is more appealing than a relatively expensive board with great security but a less refined development experience.

    For enterprise applications where security is paramount, please contact us.

  • Why build a new hardware board?

    Nothing exists that allows us to give the developer experience we have in mind: a powerful microcontroller and SoC on the same board, WiFi with onboard antenna, breadboard compatible, 3.3v and 5v tolerant IOs with enough driving current, plenty of analog pins, integrated eMMC preloaded with our OS, plug-and-play as a regular microcontroller board, an RGB LED for indicating status, special purpose buttons and no irrelevant and unneeded ports (HDMI, Audio, Ethernet, camera, etc).



Elk allows you to own your sensors’ data and sell them through Streamr’s open marketplace. Learn more about Streamr here.


Elk is a great start to learn blockchain development and potentially earn money through Gitcoin’s open source bounties. Learn more about Gitcoin here.

Built by the creators of 1Sheeld and the winners of ETHDenver 2018

Elk (formerly Elkrem) was born out of the ETHDenver 2018 Hackathon when we won first place for presenting a prototype of a development board to ease building decentralized hardware applications.

We are also the creators of 1Sheeld, a hardware that turns your smartphone into 40+ Arduino shields. Since its inception 1Sheeld has powered tens of thousands of makers in 120+ countries.