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Bootcamp Schedule

Our bootcamp officially kicks off on June 16th. Join our community, introduce yourself, and let's get the conversations started!

June 23rd: Theory & Background

Live session at 10am PST

We will demystify the math that powers many of the decentralized protocols. Learning about trapdoor functions and rolling your own Ethereum address from scratch!

June 30th: Smart Contracts

Live session at 10am PST

We learn about smart contracts and self executing code! Now you can build an electrical outlet that can sell electricity by the hour when people send funds to its smart contract address.

July 7th: The Robot Whisperer

Live session at 10am PST

We’ll also explore other protocols that are useful for secure communications for IOT projects. We’ll learn about whisper which you can use to send secret messages to your smart door lock.

Each Sunday we will host a live weekly seminar over Zoom going over content and answering questions. In between each Sunday we’ll be sharing assignments and challenges where you can win prizes (including the Elk Board!) for the best answers!

For those who aren’t able to attend live, never fear, our community platform will host the video, blog posts, and the conversation will continue with your fellow bootcamp challengers online! 

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We're integrating IOT and decentralized technologies to make it fun and easy to do amazing things.

With Elk, robots can finally pay you back!

It’s now possible to build robots that transact with each other directly in a trusted manner with smart contracts. Imagine building recycling robots that can immediately credit a trash picking robot for collecting cans.

Build the skills to build the future with us!

Spy-free tech.

With billions of personal data points getting fed into siloed servers the Internet Of Things infrastructure is being built with security flaws at its core. We believe future of IOT is decentralized. Join us to learn how to build a decent future of IOT.